ABUS helmets for every terrain

Professional sporting experience, top developers and state-of-the-art design.

ABUS helmets impress with premium-quality materials, optimal ventilation and high levels of comfort. Whether professional or amateur, off-road or urban adventures, we provide you with the protection you need.


Multi Position Design

Every cyclist knows that battling against the wind is one of the toughest challenges they face. The innovative Multi Position Design reduces windage by minimising exposed surfaces and provides optimal aerodynamics, regardless of weather conditions, head position and inflow angle.

Maximum ventilation, good aerodynamics. ©ABUS

1. Tour

All air inlets open.

Maximum ventilation, good aerodynamics.

Optimised aerodynamics ©ABUS

2. Race

Due to the head position, the fins on the front air inlets reduce airflow. Optimised aerodynamics.

Maximum aerodynamics, reduced ventilation ©ABUS

3. Sprint

The front air inlets are completely closed. Maximum aerodynamics, reduced ventilation.


Position Gif ©ABUS

Forced Air Cooling

We are serious about ventilation.

Our innovative Forced Air Cooling Technology sucks in incoming air and channels airflow around the head, keeping your head cool and in the game.

Efficiently connected air ducts ensure optimal temperature control, thereby providing maximum comfort for the wearer.


Flowstraps ©ABUS


The ABUS GameChanger's innovative FlowStraps provide ultimate comfort and aerodynamics. The fixed webbing arrangement is a love letter to adjustability. No more fiddling! The specially developed weave makes flutter and wind chatter a thing of the past. 




Padding and adjustment ©ABUS

Padding and adjustment

The ABUS GameChanger features a unique combination of adjustment system and floating padding. Instead of using Velcro, the padding is attached by inserting it into a clip in the webbing.

This ensures maximum comfort for the wearer.


Ponytail compatibility

The innovative adjustment system, ZOOM Ace, is ideal for riders with long hair: the specially designed recess in the adjustment system provides ample room for flowing locks or plaits.

This relieves pressure and spares the rider any potential headaches.

The ZOOM Ace’s height can also be adjusted to the wearer’s individual requirements.



The AirPort at the back of the GameChanger delivers two important advantages: glasses can be safely stored while seamlessly integrating into the helmet’s aerodynamic design. That’s what we call practical aerodynamics at its best.

Security and comfort


Acticage ©ABUS


The ABUS ActiCage is a structural reinforcement integrated into the EPS of many sports helmets. It provides maximum protection while ensuring optimal ventilation and extreme comfort.

The ActiCage allows for generous ventilation openings without compromising on the helmet’s safety.


ABS hard-shell or in-mold ©ABUS

ABS hard-shell or in-mold

ABUS helmets made from ABS hard-shell impress thanks to their exceptional robustness.

The impact-proof outer shell can easily handle minor impacts, e.g. if the helmet is accidentally knocked off the table or slides off the handlebars.

In-mold helmets are well ventilated, with their outer shell durably connected to the EPS foam.

Their light-weight and streamlined design only adds to their appeal.



For even greater safety on the roads, ABUS helmets come equipped with reflectors and LED rear lights.

The high position of the LED rear light ensures greater visibility, even when wearing scarves, high collars, or backpacks. Highly-effective reflectors at key positions on the helmet ensure that visibility remains high in inclement weather conditions and poor light.

Temple and lower edge protection © ABUS

Temple and lower edge protection

As a pioneer in urban safety, ABUS believes in maximum protection and comfort for the wearer.

It is essential that sensitive areas such as the temples and neck are kept extra safe – especially when kids take to the saddle. Our lower edge protection protects the helmet from external influences and, if we do say so ourselves, it looks pretty good too.


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