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We want cyclists to be well protected when pursuing their hobbies. For this reason, we have a wide range of sporty helmets. We not only serve the professionals who perform world-wide, but will also satisfy those who like to take a ride at the end of the day. 

Our Highlights 2019

The completely revised range of road and off-road helmets – the right safety solution for every requirement!

Road / Offroad



All-mountain helmets are becoming more interesting for any mountain biker. The Moventor meets the MTB athlete‘s every need. Its features are perfect for any ride: it‘s lightweight, extremely comfortable,
offers excellent ventilation, and thanks to the ABUS ActiCage, a structural reinforcement integrated into the EPS, it‘s extremely safe.




Alpe d’Huez, Mont Ventoux, Col du Tourmalet. When you need maximum ventilation at high temperatures, the Aventor is simply a must-have. With ist huge air intakes, it offers the best ventilation. And the ActiCage offers an outstanding protection.

Available October 2017

Tec-Tical 2.1


Trusted by numerous pro riders the Tec-Tical 2.1 offers the right performance for any race: road, cross and even XC trail. It‘s light, comfortable and perfectly vented and the ActiCage, a structural reinforcement built into the EPS offers superb protection.

Available November 2017



The Viantor is the high-quality, lightweight helmet for the entry-level rider, which we‘ve equipped with a number of the same technologies used by professional cyclists. Its ponytail compatibility makes this a perfect choice for riders with long hair.

Available December 2017

MonTrailer MIPS


In case of a crash, the MonTrailer MIPS offers a particularly high level of protection. The MIPS brain protection system offers is an insert inside the helmet reducing the rotational forces to the brain in case of an oblique impact, thus significantly reducing the risk of injury.




Thanks to the ABUS MonTrailer’s special design, goggles are safely held in place. When riding without goggles, there is ample space under the tinted visor, which offers greatly enhanced vision and protects against glare.


MonTrailer ACE MIPS


The MonTrailer ACE MIPS meets the highest protection requirements. EPS in combination with fi ve encasing outer polycarbonate shells and ABUS ActiCage creates a secure and rugged helmet. The MIPS BRAIN PROTECTION SYSTEM is capable of offering additional protection in case of an oblique impact. The transparent visor allows for great all-round vision without taking your eyes off the trail.




The MountK is a high-quality, lightweight entry-level helmet that is equipped with a number of the same technologies used by professional cyclists. Its four modern colors make the MountK a very popular helmet.


Childrens Helmets

Smiley 2.0 Royal

Smiley 2.0 © ABUS

The Smiley 2.0 is the perfect helmet for toddlers with balance bikes, training wheels or along for the ride in a child seat on mom or dad‘s bike. The slightly flattened back of the helmet allows the child to sit comfortably and relaxed in the seat. A simple entry-level child‘s helmet in royal colors and with a generously sized reflector.


Hubble 1.1

Hubble 1.1 © ABUS

The Hubble 1.1 meets any requirement a parent could have for a child‘s helmet. Its visor-like front edge and low temple and neck areas even provide increased safety. The Sun Protection System (SPS) reduces
direct sunshine and prevents sunburn on the sensitive skin.

Available November 2017

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