Cable Lock My first ABUS 1505

Children learning to protect against theft

Cable Lock My first ABUS 1505

Learning how to handle bicycle locks

Use of bicycle locks also needs to be learned: with the My First ABUS 1505 Cable Lock, ABUS has developed a practical children's lock for precisely that purpose. Aside from offering basic anti-theft protection for tricycles, balance bikes or first bikes, this cable lock is a truly exciting challenge for little explorers.

How exactly do I insert the colourful key? How do I lock my bike to Mummy's big one? Aha! It's child's play. That's thanks to the child-friendly ergonomics of the My first ABUS 1505. The automatic cylinder is easy to use because it closes on both sides, and the 4mm-thick steel cable is braided extra soft to prevent injuries from the cable springing back.


  • 4 mm thick steel cable, extra soft braided, prevents the cable from springing back when opened
  • Playfully easy handling for children with an automatic cylinder which closes on both sides
  • Child-friendly ergonomics of the key and lock body
  • Specially suited children's design in three colour options
  • Two keys with a colourful keyring are included in the scope of delivery

Operation and use:

  • Basic protection against theft for children's bikes


  • Easy to transport as the cable can be wrapped around the seat post


  • This children's lock is also available as a chain lock
  • My First ABUS is ideal for use as a children's training lock


Cable locks

The Cable locks has certain advantages when convenience and practicality are priorities. Light weight and surprising flexibility makes the cable lock a popular security solution in circumstances where basic protection is all that's required. Quality cables from ABUS are designed in such a way that they are very difficult to hold with certain tools used for breaking locks. In addition, the thick cables have a deterrent effect on many petty ...
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