Coil Cable Lock Winner 885

The Coil Cable Lock Winner 885 from ABUS can be ordered with keyed-alike keys. Practical and secure.

Coil Cable Lock Winner 885


This ABUS bike lock is particularly practical. Use the keyed-alike keys to operate additional locks.

Never leave your bike unattended and unlocked – you won't believe how quickly bicycle thieves can steal your bike. The cost-effective Coil Cable Lock Winner 885 from ABUS can be locked extremely quickly without the need for a key. That saves precious time. You can also order the ABUS bike lock together with other keyed-alike locks. That means you only need one and the same key for multiple locks. We recommend the Coil Cable Lock Winner 885 for securing low-range bikes and as a second lock for securing individual bike components.


  • 9.5 mm, high-quality, super flexible coil cable
  • Synthetic coating to prevent damage to the paintwork

Operation and use:

  • Great protection where there is a low risk of theft
  • Recommended for the protection of low-range bicycles


  • KF bracket with simple mounting on the saddle clamp bolt and optimum operability
  • RBKF mini – two-button operation with flexible steel band suitable for different post shapes with a diameter of 15-45 mm


  • Coil cable locks boast both a compact transport size and excellent versatility in terms of their usable length
  • The lock is ideal as a second lock for securing components
  • The lock can be ordered keyed alike with other locks, all of which are operated using the same key or locking method


Coil cable locks

The Coil cable lock provides owner and his bikes with basic protection. The advantages of coil cable locks include convenience, simplicity of transport and the length of the cable. These features make it possible to attach bikes to fixed objects with ease. ...
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