Chain Protectus 5000 Chain

The Protectus 5000 Chain Frame Lock Chain is the ideal addition to your ABUS Protectus Frame Lock. For twice the security.

Chain Protectus 5000 Chain


The ABUS Protectus 5000 Chain Frame Lock Chain and the ABUS Protectus Pivoting U-Lock are the ideal crime-fighting duo against theft.

Have you already opted for the Protectus Frame Lock from ABUS and would like to protect your bike against theft even more effectively with additional security? Then the Protectus 5000 Chain Frame Lock Chain is the ideal addition for you. With its square chain made of

6mm hardened steel, you have various options for locking your bike to a fixed object extra securely.


  • 6 mm thick square chain made of hardened steel
  • Opens up a lot of opportunities for locking the bicycle on to a fixed object

Operation and use:

  • External connection option in conjunction with a Protectus Swivel U-Lock


Frame locks

The frame lock are basic security devices for almost any bike. These practical frame lock is light and quick to use to protect your bike against unauthorised use. They can be connected to other accessories such as chains or cables to protect your bike even more effectively against theft. The frame locks are available either with keys that can be removed when they are open or with keys that cannot be removed. ...
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