Chain Lock 1510/60 Capt'n Sharky (Art. no. 03949)

The child-friendly ABUS 1510 Capt’n Sharky Chain Lock provides basic protection against theft and is easy for children to use.
Capt'n Sharky © Coppenrath Verlag, Münster, Germany

Chain Lock 1510/60 Capt'n Sharky (Art. no. 03949)

Security is fun!

The ABUS 1510 Capt’n Sharky Chain Lock is ideal as a child's first bike lock. For one thing, using it is child’s play; for another, the lock looks cool with its shark from the world of Capt’n Sharky, so children enjoy using it.

Your child will be happy to take responsibility for the ABUS 1510 Capt’n Sharky Chain Lock and its key. To go with the anchor key, there is also a keyring chain which children can wear on their trousers. Parents can take care of the spare key. That way, the ABUS 1510 Capt’n Sharky Chain Lock will provide years of enjoyment.


  • 4 mm round chain with textile sleeve to protect against damage to the paintwork
  • The chain is made of special steel
  • Children’s lock in special "Capt’n Sharky" design
  • The playful lock is very easy to use with its automatic cylinder
  • Both the lock and lock body are ergonomically designed for children
  • Two reversible keys in anchor design incl. extended keyring chain which can be attached to a purse or waistband

Operation and use:

  • Basic protection against theft for children's bikes


  • The ABUS 1510 "Capt’n Sharky" is ideal as a training lock for children
Art. no.: 03949
Article group: 04
Carrier: without bracket
Length: 60 cm
Locking type: key
Weight: 300 g
bag: without transport bag
color of facets: black
design color: black
diameter: 4 mm


Lock-chain combination

The Lock-chain combination is an excellent choice when it comes to securing your bike. Its flexibility means the lock-chain combination is very convenient and offer many ways of locking bikes to fixed objects. A bike that is secured in this way cannot simply be picked up and carried away – which is a real security advantage. ...
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