Chain Lock 1510/60 Super Neo (Art. no. 12395)

Securing children's bikes against theft.
Super Neo © Coppenrath Verlag, Münster, Germany

Chain Lock 1510/60 Super Neo (Art. no. 12395)


The ABUS Chain Lock 1510 Super Neo is a truly wonderful bike lock for children. Firstly, the lovely design is striking: Our little hero Super Neo sits inside a rocket which hides the locking cylinder. In keeping with the space theme, the dark blue textile sleeve is studded with stars.

The ABUS Chain Lock 1510 Super Neo also boasts impressive materials: the 4 mm-thick round chain is made of special steel; the automatic cylinder is easy for little children's hands and even the key and lock housing correspond to the child-friendly ergonomics. Moreover, the attractive textile sleeve protects the child's bike from damage to the paintwork


  • 4 mm round chain with textile sleeve to protect against damage to the paintwork
  • The chain is made of special steel
  • Specially designed children's lock in the "Super Neo" design
  • The playful lock is very easy to use with its automatic cylinder
  • The plastic lock and lock housing are ergonomically designed for children
  • Two star-shaped reversible keys are included in the scope of delivery

Operation and use:

  • Basic protection against theft for children's bikes


  • The ABUS 1510 "Super Neo" is ideal as a training lock for children
Art. no.: 12395
Carrier: without bracket
Locking type: key
Weight: 300 g
diameter: 4 mm
length: 60 cm
other icons: SuperNeoWortmarke


Lock-chain combination

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