Chain Lock 8900/110 black (Art. no. 20008)

The lock protects against theft in situations with an average risk of theft and is always easy to handle.

Chain Lock 8900/110 black (Art. no. 20008)

ABUS quality down to the last detail.

You can count on the ABUS Chain Lock 8900. After all, this model's textile sleeve hides an 8mm square chain. ABUS manufactures both the chain itself and the structural parts of the locking mechanism out of specially hardened steel to create a robust overall product.

An important part of the ABUS Chain Lock 8900 is also its extremely high-quality locking cylinder, which is secured against tampering such as lock-picking. This cylinder includes two reversible keys which make operation very user-friendly. In situations with an average risk of theft, the ABUS Chain Lock 8900 is a great way to secure your bike.


  • 8 mm square chain with textile sleeve to prevent damage to the paintwork
  • The chain, the lock body and supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel
  • High-quality locking cylinder with user-friendly reversible key for maximum protection against tampering, e.g. lock-picking
  • Two keys are supplied in the scope of delivery

Operation and use:

  • Convenient protection against theft for bikes
  • Recommended for protecting bicycles against an average risk of theft


  • Comfortable transportation by compactly folding the chain around the seat post


  • Very easy handling, because only one end of the chain has to be locked
  • The lock is also available with a red textile sleeve
Art. no.: 20008
Article group: 04
Bag: without transport bag
Carrier: without bracket
Locking type: key
color of facets: black
design color: black


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