ABUS covers the whole range of mobile security with high-quality U-locks, chain and folding locks, reinforced cable, coil cable and cable locks.

Our latest highlights for you:

The worldwide innovation 770A SmartX from ABUS combines maximum security with smart technology. Enjoy the benefits of the innovative SmartX cylinder and make your iOS or Android smartphone your individualised key. Combined with the proven 100 dB alarm, this U-lock offers maximum security for high-quality E-bikes and pedelecs.


Ultra 410


Alarm 440


Ultimate 420

Available in Januar 2019

770A SmartX


Verfügbar ab April 2019

Folding Locks

BORDO™ Lite 6055

New Movistar colors available

BORDO™ Alarm 6000A

Now Available 

Chain Locks

My first ABUS 1510 Fire Department

Available from Januar 2019 

My first ABUS 1510 Security Department

Available from Januar 2019 


More Highlights 2018/2019

Available as of September 2018


Available as of January 2019

New helmets in 2018/2019

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