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... more than a slogan, this is a philosophy we live by. From high-quality materials and patented security solutions to innovative lock technologies. ABUS locks are Made in Germany with the utmost precision and drawing on over 90 years of experience.

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1. Materials

Specially hardened steel provides our products with an extremely hard surface and an extremely tough core. The best solution for withstanding everyday, violent impacts – from saw and pressure attacks, through to freeze spray attacks.

2. Power Cell technology

The ABUS Power Cell provides excellent protection against hitting and pulling attacks. The cell is integrated into selected chain, Steel-O-Flex, and U-locks.

3. Power Link technology

The ABUS Power Link technology provides outstanding resistance against pulling forces. Here, for example, the chain is secured in the ABUS Power Cell thus efficiently preventing it from being pulled out of the lock body using conventional methods.

XPlus and Plus Cylinder

The high-quality XPlus and Plus cylinders from ABUS provide incredible protection against manipulation. From picking to forceful drilling attempts, nothing can beat our cylinders. These disc cylinders are the most secure ABUS currently has to offer. 

1. Link Protection Shield

The ABUS Link Protection Shield technology makes the XPlus BORDO™ 6500 even more secure. The integrated special rivets are both flexible and extremely resistant against sawing attempts.

XPlus and Plus Cylinder ©ABUS

U-locks – recommended by the police

ABUS U-locks offer the best possible protection against bicycle thieves with a material thickness of 14 mm. This type of bicycle lock is rated the most secure. 

Double Locking ABUS ©ABUS

1. Double locking

ABUS U-locks have a double locking mechanism securing the shackle in the lock body. This provides extra protection against the shackle being pulled open by conventional means.


Practical features

At ABUS, our goal is to not only make life safer but also to make safety more convenient. The following overview contains information about all the practical details intended to make our products easier for you to use on a daily basis. 


Illuminated digits

Similar to the torch key, the illuminated number reels make using your lock even easier. The digits are illuminated at the press of a button, allowing you to enter your numerical code with ease, even in poor lighting conditions or darkness.


High-quality, two-component number reels

Some number reels become unreadable as the mostly printed digits fade over time. However, we want you to enjoy your bicycle and lock for as long as possible. This is why we produce our two-component number reels using two special components thus guaranteeing the long-term readability of the digits.

Automatic cylinder

Automatic cylinder

Some ABUS products come with an automatic cylinder, making our locks even more comfortable to use. These ensure you no longer have to actively secure your lock with a key. Simply opening the lock and pressing the locking bolt into the lock body does the trick. A soft click indicates that the lock is engaged.


Torch key

Some of our high-quality ABUS locks are supplied with an additional torch key as standard. This enables you to open and close the lock with ease, even in poor lighting conditions or darkness.

Lock brackets and bags

Increase your bicycle’s safety by always using your ABUS lock. We provide various brackets and holder solutions, so you always have your lock to hand.

Lock brackets and bags © ABUS

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