Steel-O-Flex Centuro 860

With the ABUS Steel-O-Flex™ Centuro 860 Cable Lock, steel sleeves protect the steel cable inside.

Steel-O-Flex Centuro 860


With twice the protection in the form of a robust steel cable and an overlapping steel sleeve, this ABUS Coil Cable Lock provides twice the security.

This ABUS bike lock makes stealing exceptionally difficult for bicycle thieves. The Steel-O-Flex™ Centuro 860 Coil Cable Lock comprises 20mm-thick, overlapping steel sleeves made of specially hardened steel which cover the steel cable inside, thereby providing double the security. It is therefore considerably more difficult to sever that cable than one in a simple cable lock. We particularly recommend using the Steel-O-Flex™ Centuro 860 to secure high-quality bikes and as protection in areas with a medium risk of theft.


  • 20 mm thick, overlapping steel shells protect the internal steel cable
  • Plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork
  • The steel shells, the case as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel

Operation and use:

  • Good protection at medium theft risk
  • Recommended for securing good bicycles
  • The longer the cable, the easier the bicycle can be locked to a fixed object


  • QS (QuickSnap) – Bracket for mounting to the saddle clamp bolt with 5 - 8 mm diameter. With just one click, the lock is held firmly in the bracket.
  • QS (QuickSnap) RBU - Bracket with flexible steel band for mounting on frame tubes 15 - 45 mm in diameter. With just one click, the lock is held firmly in the bracket.
  • Variable lock positioning owing to the rotation of the mount in 15° intervals


  • Due to the steel shells, the Steel-O-Flex™ locks reach a significantly higher security than common cable locks, yet maintaining high flexibility (Double Protection)
Steel-O-Flex 860/85 QS 
Art. no. 31528

Level: 7
Length: 85 cm
Weight: 840 g
Steel-O-Flex 860/85 QS RBU 
Art. no. 31493

Level: 7
Length: 85 cm
Weight: 825 g
Steel-O-Flex 860/110 QS RBU 
Art. no. 31494

Level: 7
Length: 110 cm
Weight: 1025 g



At ABUS, the name Steel-O-Flex stands for cable locks with high flexibility and double security. The steel cable is covered in overlapping shells made from toughened steel, like scale armour. As a result, its resistance to attempts to break it open is increased significantly, while its weight only increases slightly and its flexibility remains largely intact. This means that it is easy to attach any vehicle to a fixed object. ...
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