Convenient security lock system

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The YourPlus system is the convenient one-key solution for your bike.
With this system, offered exclusively for our high-quality Plus Cylinder, you can use a single key for several locks on one or more bikes. Let us show you the advantages of the YourPlus™ system.

What's the secret?

The code card included with every YourPlus™ lock "saves" your key code so that even years after purchasing your lock, you can order as many duplicate keys or identically keyed locks as you want!

New lock, same key!

An additional lock that can be used with the same key – is that possible? No problem! We can build a new lock around the key. This makes it possible to assemble complete identically keyed systems.

Particularly easy for e-bikes

Do you own an e-bike? If so, then you know what it usually takes to secure these valuable bikes: One key for the battery, another for the frame lock, and a third key for securing the bike to a fixed object. But no more. Using YourPlus™, all locks can be opened with a single key.

Secure and simple

The ABUS Plus cylinder – Made in Germany. This popular disc cylinder offers maximum security and additional protection from picking.

YourPlus™ ©ABUS

A lock that perfectly matches your tastes

Our products from different lock categories provide you with the kind of security that you need: U-locks, folding locks, frame locks, or padlocks. It is even possible to order different types of locks from a variety of categories.


Overview of YourPlus™ product categories

Many ABUS products that include a Plus cylinder can be combined as identically keyed products for the YourPlusTM system.



GRANIT Plus™ 470


GRANIT Plus™ 640

Lock-Chain Combinations


Folding lock

BORDO Centium™ 6010

Folding lock

BORDO™ 6000/90

Folding lock

BORDO™ Big 6000/120

Frame Lock

Shield Plus

Frame Lock

Frame Lock Pro Shield Plus


Diskus 20/80

Battery Lock

Battery Lock



Advantages at a glance

  • Improved ease of use – only one key for multiple locks
  • Duplicate keys can always be made later
  • Simultaneously locking locks even for existing products
  • Fewer keys on your keyring
  • A variety of lock models available
  • Made in Germany

YourPlus™ ©ABUS


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