Convenient security lock system

YourPlus™ System ©ABUS

The YourPlus system is the convenient one-key solution for your bike.
With this system, offered exclusively for our high-quality Plus Cylinder, you can use a single key for several locks on one or more bikes. Let us show you the advantages of the YourPlus™ system.

YourPlus™ ©ABUS

A lock that perfectly matches your tastes

Our products from different lock categories provide you with the kind of security that you need: U-locks, folding locks, frame locks, or padlocks. It is even possible to order different types of locks from a variety of categories.


Overview of YourPlus™ product categories

Many ABUS products that include a Plus cylinder can be combined as identically keyed products for the YourPlusTM system.



GRANIT Plus™ 470


GRANIT Plus™ 640

Lock-Chain Combinations


Folding lock

BORDO Centium™ 6010

Folding lock

BORDO™ 6000/90

Folding lock

BORDO™ Big 6000/120

Frame Lock

Shield Plus

Frame Lock

Frame Lock Pro Shield Plus


Diskus 20/80

Battery Lock

Battery Lock



Advantages at a glance

  • Improved ease of use – only one key for multiple locks
  • Duplicate keys can always be made later
  • Simultaneously locking locks even for existing products
  • Fewer keys on your keyring
  • A variety of lock models available
  • Made in Germany

YourPlus™ ©ABUS


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