Brake disc lock 290 Element red (Art. no. 55969)

Larger diameter, greater protection: The ABUS Element 290 Brake Disc Lock comes with a thick locking bolt and all the convenience of an ABUS product.

Brake disc lock 290 Element red (Art. no. 55969)


The ABUS Element 290 Brake Disc Lock protects your scooter with a whole centimetre of specially hardened steel.

Once the Element 290 is fixed to the brake disc, it is no longer possible for a thief to make off with your scooter quickly. In contrast, locking the device takes no time at all: The locking bolt is activated directly with the push-down cylinder – something which is appreciated by frequent cyclists who lock and unlock their bikes several times a day.

In addition to protection and ease of use, the Element 290 also has the right accessories. With the included memory cable, you will never forget to remove the lock before starting your scooter. A second key is also included with the lock, as well as a transport bag.


  • 10 mm locking bolt
  • Very easy to use thanks to the push-down cylinder which automatically locks the bolt into place when closed
  • The bolt is made of specially hardened steel
  • Two keys are included in the scope of delivery
  • A memory cable which is included with the lock serves as a reminder to prevent accidental pulling away when the motorbike is still secured

Operation and use:

  • Basic protection for when there is a low risk of theft
  • Recommended for securing scooters


  • A transport bag is included in the scope of delivery


  • Brake disc locks are the most compact type of motorbike lock which makes them easy to transport
  • For increased security during longer parking periods, it is advisable to also secure the motorbike to a fixed object
Art. no.: 55969
Level: 5
Article group: 04
Brake disc lock bolt: 10 mm
Brake disc lock inner clearance length: 60 mm
Carrier: without bracket
Locking type: key
Weight: 400 g
bag: with transport bag
color of facets: red
design color: red
Brake disc lock 290 Element red
Art. no. 55969

Level: 5
Weight: 400 g

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Storage space is a rare commodity on a motorbike or scooter and yet it always needs securing against theft and unauthorised use. Which is the best sort of lock for a motorcyclist to carry for normal use? Brake disc locks are a practical solution for many motorbikes. They are very compact, light and thus easy to transport. If your vehicle is to be parked for a long time in a place where there is a high risk of theft, combining the lock with a ...
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