Anchor WA 50 (Art. no. 04294)

With the WA 50 install a reliable anchorage for your bike to virtually any wall.

Anchor WA 50 (Art. no. 04294)


Your bicycle is safest when you chain it. The wall anchor WA 50 from ABUS makes it possible

Each ABUS lock already guarantees you an extremely high degree of security for your two-wheeler. You can multiply this protection by not only locking your bike or motorcycle, but by connecting it to a fixed object.

So that you have this option wherever you frequently park your bike - for example in the basement or garage - we have designed our almost unbreakable WA 50 wall anchor for you. Once mounted, it can only be removed again with the greatest of effort and creates a connection option for your two-wheeler at any desired location.


  • Strong wall anchor made of hardened steel
  • Incl. mounting material

Operation and use:

  • The anchor can be used to secure two-wheel vehicles in garages, cellars and houses
  • The WA 50 is designed for wall installation. In combination with an ABUS lock, it offers a high level of security


  • After proper installation, this anchor can only be removed with considerable effort – use in rental properties must be checked
  • The WA 50 is weatherproof and can be installed both indoors and outdoors
Art. no.: 04294
Level: 7
WBA 2: 38 mm
WBA 3: 38 mm
Weight: 870 g
height: 80 mm
width: 110 mm

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Securing your motorbike against theft with a good lock is always extremely important. Of course, the same applies to helmets, accessories and garden furniture, for example. ABUS provides you with security solutions in these areas that are flexible and versatile. ...
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