Steel-O-Flex 8200/85 (Art. no. 55148)

The Steel-O-Flex™ Iven 8200 gives you all the advantages of a cable lock without sacrificing security.

Steel-O-Flex 8200/85 (Art. no. 55148)


Cable locks are popular because they are highly flexible. The ABUS Steel-O-Flex™ Iven 8200 is just as flexible but offers more protection.

This is possible thanks to the innovative Steel-O-Flex™ technology: the steel cable is encased in 25mm thick, overlapping shells made of specially hardened steel. On the outside there is a mesh sleeve which protects against damage to your scooter’s paintwork when opening and closing the lock.

The lock body is a frequent target during theft attempts. The Soft Case Technology of the Steel-O-Flex™ Iven 8200 makes the lock incredibly impact-resistant. It protects the built-in ABUS locking cylinder, which is characterised by its high resistance to tampering.


  • 25 mm thick overlapping steel shells protect the inner steel cable
  • The sleeve offers high protection against abrasion and doesn’t absorbs any liquids, e.g. water or oil
  • The functional, durable and highly flexible mesh sleeve protects against damage to paintwork
  • The shells, housing and the structural parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel
  • Ergonomic lock body with impact-resistant Soft Case Technology sleeve
  • Premium-quality locking cylinder with easy-to-use reversible key for a high level of protection against tampering, e.g. picking
  • Two keys included in the scope of delivery

Operation and use:

  • Good protection against low risk of theft
  • Recommended for securing lighter motorbikes and scooters
  • The longer the cable, the easier it is to lock the motorbike to a fixed object


  • Thanks to the steel shells, Steel-O-Flex™ locks offer significantly greater protection compared to simple cable locks, as well as increased flexibility
Art. no.: 55148
Level: 8
Article group: 04
Carrier: optional
Length: 85 cm
Locking type: key
Weight: 1340 g
bag: without transport bag
color of facets: black
design color: black
diameter: 25 mm
Steel-O-Flex 8200/110 
Art. no. 55149

Level: 8
Length: 110 cm
Weight: 1580 g
Steel-O-Flex 8200/85
Art. no. 55148

Level: 8
Length: 85 cm
Weight: 1340 g



At ABUS, the name Steel-O-Flex stands for cable locks with high flexibility and double security. The steel cable is covered by overlapping shells made from hardened steel, like scale armour. As a result, its resistance to attempts to break it open is increased significantly, while its weight only increases slightly and its flexibility remains largely intact. Therefore it is easy to attach your vehicle to a fixed object.  ...
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