Product configurators: custom-made security

ABUS offers custom-made security. We have solutions for a wide variety of requirements. In order for you to find the right solution among the many products with just a few clicks, just use our product configurators which will recommend the fitting products.



Which padlock is the right one for me? Find out with the padlock finder.


Bike security © ABUS

Bike Security

Searching for a lock for your bike? Or a kids helmet, race helmet, or a helmet for comfortable bike tours? With our helmet and lock configurator you’ll find the helmet or bikelock that fits the best to your needs.


Window security © ABUS

Window security

With the help of the configurator for window security, you will quickly and easily find the right products to secure your windows.


Motorbike-Locks © ABUS


The Motorbike Lock Guide enables you to search interactively for the ideal lock for any number of motorbikes.


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