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ABUS wireless alarm systems and their components incorporate the know-how and experience of ABUS. False alarms can never be completely excluded but are very rare. If you have pets: ABUS has pet-proof wireless motion detectors that don't set off the alarm when your four-legged friend moves around at home.

Along with the factors already mentioned, the choice of the right alarm system also depends on your individual needs and the required functions.

Wireless alarm systems are interesting above all in the domestic sector or for small businesses. Wired as well as hybrid alarm systems, such as the ABUS Terxon, are suitable for protecting commercial objects of any size.

Read more about alarm systems under [Link] or contact your local specialist dealer. He will be happy to advise you.

Easy operation and individual settings let you use your house or flat normally without any limitations. The alarm system is only armed when you want it to be. Even when the system is armed, you can move normally in your rooms if only the “outer shell” is protected. This means that there are special detectors for all places on the outer shell of your house.

There are glass break detectors for panes of glass. Doors and windows are secured with contacts. Vibration detectors can be installed in other sensitive positions. The complete outer shell of your house is protected in this way and you can still move around freely inside. False alarms are virtually ruled out.

Good alarm systems are less expensive than you think. The feeling of safety is priceless.

The safest way to transmit the signal is via wire. But one must expect high costs for installation. On the other hand, there are very favourably-priced components for wired alarm systems.

Alarm panels, detectors, transducers and accessories are mostly equipped with tamper contacts. If the system is manipulated, this is recognised immediately and the alarm panel shows a malfunction or triggers an alarm response (active). Even power failures cannot disable the system since alarm panels, transducers and important accessories are equipped with backup batteries. This ensures perfect operation at all times.

  • First, a break-in or other event takes place, such as a fire or a technical problem.
  • This is detected by a corresponding device (such as a door or window contact, motion detector or smoke detector).
  • The detector reports the event to the control panel. The signal is transmitted either by cable or by a wireless system.
  • The control panel is the alarm system’s brain. It evaluates the signals and decides what to do.
  • Depending on how the control panel is programmed, this chain of events culminates in a reaction: the siren sounds, the lights go on or a monitoring station is notified.

Wired alarms

  • Exclusive transmission path
  • Suitable for large objects (factories etc.)
  • Very economical (investment protection)
  • Low maintenance costs

Wireless alarm

  • Very flexible
  • Easy installation
  • No rebuilding measures
  • Upgradeable at any time

Silent alarms are mainly used in the case of robberies. It is intended to protect the victims as intruders are often unpredictable and they should not know that an alarm has been triggered. And one doesn't want to hurry the offenders or even set them running. This gives the police more time. No transducers are actuated in the case of a silent alarm. The emergency call centre is however alarmed immediately.

Yes. Internal alarms only sound indoors. It puts pressure on the burglars with the aim of frightening them away and warns persons who are in the building.

In the case of a local alarm, the internal alarm will be supplemented by the outdoor siren. The outdoor flashing lights will also be activated. The lights are intended to guide the police to the location and alert the local neighbourhood. For noise protection reasons, the siren may only sound for three minutes but the light may continue to flash indefinitely.

No transducers are actuated in the case of a silent alarm. Instead, a telephone call with a voice message is made to one or more predefined numbers. This could be the neighbour, your mobile phone or an emergency call centre.

An external alarm is a combination of silent alarm and local alarm: An alarm signal is sent via all transducers and a call is made to the emergency call centre or a private telephone number.

Mechanical security devices such as door locks and bolts can be optimally supplemented by electronic alarm systems. Alarm systems deter potential offenders and ensure that residents, neighbours or a monitoring station are alarmed in good time.

Not at all. A wireless alarm system would be the right choice in this case. These alarm systems work with wireless transmission and make laying cables unnecessary. This means that you can install your own personal security solution even in a rented flat.

Mechatronics with us are security components for ABUS wireless alarm systems, which combine robust mechanical security with state-of-the-art wireless alarm technology.

Questions about ABUS wireless alarm systems

ABUS wireless alarm systems always have the latest information about the state of the detector's batteries. If there is a drop in power, this will be displayed by the alarm panel long before the battery is completely flat so that you can replace the batteries in good time.

ABUS currently has two wireless alarm systems in its range:

1)     The ABUS Secvest system: A wireless alarm system from ABUS with the largest range of functions and bi-directional wireless controls. This danger detection system is ideally suitable for protecting private homes as well as small objects such as shops, offices, solicitor's offices and doctor's surgeries.

2)    The Privest system: The Privest wireless alarm system also makes use of the benefits of wireless technology. This is an alarm system for beginners which is intended for DIY installation and is suitable for protecting small homes.

Interference can be safely ruled out because the components of an ABUS wireless alarm system use millions of codes. This means that each individual detector can always be uniquely identified. The alarm system always only recognises the detectors and components that have been trained at your own alarm panel.

No, there are no health hazards from emissions when you use ABUS wireless alarm systems: Transmission power is very low and the detectors only communicate with the alarm panel if there is an event or for checking purposes. When you use your normal mobile phone for three minutes, you are exposed to much higher emissions than with an ABUS wireless alarm system in a whole year.

Active intrusion protection means that even an intrusion attempt is reported. This is enabled by alarm components which do not only combine state-of-the-art wireless technology with effective mechanical intrusion protection (mechatronic detector), but at the same time monitors the prying open of doors or windows with the help of an innovative magnetic field sensor system.

The ABUS Secvest wireless alarm system and all its components use the latest wireless technology and transmit on a “security frequency” specially reserved for wireless alarm systems in the 868 MHz band. This guarantees that wireless transmission cannot be interfered with or overlaid by everyday wireless devices such as mobile phones or baby phones.

Operation is extremely easy thanks to the logically arranged menus. You don't have to enter any complicated codes. The remote control or the touch-free proximity reader enable convenient operation in several ways.

In the case of the ABUS Secvest wireless alarm system, the voice-controlled user-guidance also provides assistance during installation and helps the user with day-to-day use.

Wireless alarm systems are used wherever constructional modifications are difficult or impossible. Wireless alarm systems are the ideal solution above all in rented and owner-occupied flats where time-consuming cable laying is not wanted, too expensive or not possible. No dirt and noise when fitting, no expensive installation work and very flexible – these factors make wireless alarm systems a low-cost security solution which can be realised anywhere in the shortest time.

The best protection is achieved by a combination of electronic and mechanical components. ABUS mechatronic products provide mechanical resistance against intruders while reporting the attempted break-in at the same time. The alarm panel triggers an alarm response before the intruder is able to enter the object.

Questions about wired alarm systems from ABUS

Wired alarm systems are the right choice if you plan the system at an early stage when building or rebuilding your house or small business.

Wired alarm systems are usually used in commercial objects where the cables can be laid without great effort e.g. in supermarkets or warehouses. Wired alarm systems are often less expensive than wireless systems.

Another important argument in favour of wired systems: the exclusive transmission path guarantees absolute reliability of a system once it is installed. There are no maintenance costs for changing batteries because all components get their power from the alarm panel. Another benefit of a wired connection is compatibility. This allows any wired detector to be integrated in virtually any wired alarm system – regardless of the manufacturer.

In wired alarm technology, a “zone” is a detection unit that is monitored by the system; this could be e.g. a movement sensor or a magnetic contact. A zone is an input on the PCB.

Multiple partitions can be configured with ABUS wired alarm systems. They can be armed and disarmed with different settings. Partitions are used, for example, if a private flat is in the same building as an office or surgery. In this case, the system can be configured in such a way that the surgery or the flat are protected at different times. The respective detectors must then be assigned to the partition to which they belong. Individual detectors can also be assigned to multiple partitions at the same time.

Wired alarm systems from ABUS have tamper protection. A tamper alarm will be triggered immediately if someone attempts to manipulate the system.

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