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ABUS Review 2016

2016 has seen some major ABUS introductions with the launch of the TITALIUM 96 and 98 padlocks, the new TS007 BSI* cylinder ranges, the Modular cylinder size adaptor system, and the new ...


ABUS Door Closers – Closing Doors Safely and Quietly

ABUS UK are introducing the ABUS Door Closers providing a convenient and safe solution for shutting doors quietly and securely.


ABUS UK RRP Pricelist 2017

Please click here to view the ABUS UK RRP Pricelist 2017


ABUS Brings Security and Price Stability in an Uncertain World

ABUS Group support, ABUS UK is pleased to confirm: ABUS 2016 £ RRPs will remain in place till April 2017, 15 months after our January 2016 RRPs were confirmed.


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