Helmets will be compulsory from 22 March

Cycle safety is a top priority, particularly for children, who are obviously more vulnerable in the event of an accident.

This is why Order 16 of the Road Safety Committee of 2 October 2015 will make wearing a helmet compulsory for all children under the age of 12, whether they are solo riders or passengers. If this rule is not adhered to, the adult will be held responsible and will have to pay a fine of EUR 90.

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A necessary requirement in light of the statistics

Numerous studies have confirmed that, in the event of a cycling accident, wearing a helmet can considerably reduce the risk of serious injury and even save lives.

The French Road Safety Committee asserts that children are much more vulnerable to traumatic injuries than adults: a helmet reduces the risk of serious head injury by 70%, the risk of minor injury by 31% and the risk of facial injuries by 28%.

Consider ABUS safety for your children!

This new regulation will come into effect on 22 March 2017. Published on 22 December 2016, Decree 2016-1800 allows a 3-month grace period to give families the time to obtain the necessary equipment.

For several years, ABUS has protected the youngest of cyclists thanks to their range of cycling helmets, available in different sizes, patterns and colours and suitable for all occasions. Whether it’s a trip into town, mountain biking or skating, ABUS will always be there to protect children during their daily adventures!

ABUS quality

  • A helmet that grows with your children: the Zoom adjustment wheel and headband make fine tuning easy and precise.
  • Lightweight and durable: the ‘In-Mold' process fuses the shell and the foam in order to reinforce the most important features, such as the grooves and ventilation, making the helmet strong but lightweight.
  • Ergonomics: complete comfort for 80% of head shapes and added face protection with the built-in visor.

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