ABUS QUIN Technology. The smart crash detection.

ABUS QUIN Technology. The smart crash detection.

In the performance cycling segment, a helmet is a fundamental for professionals, amateurs and hobby athletes as the risk of a fall is always present. With the smart QUIN system, ABUS is now expanding its bicycle helmets to include integrated crash detection. Every helmet equipped with QUIN technology has its own private emergency call center. Thus, the helmets have an integrated accelerometer that detects and evaluates crashes. In the event of a fall, the crash detection triggers the emergency routine on the paired smartphone via Bluetooth signal, notifies a previously defined person and sends him the location, which can then arrange assistance.

At the heart of the system is the QUIN chip.

Designed and developed specifically for cycling, it uses reliable Bluetooth 5.0 technology to communicate with the sensors in the helmet as well as the rider's smartphone. Independently of the crash detection, real-time tracking can be triggered manually in any dangerous situation. Simply tap the rear helmet area four times - and the emergency routine takes its course. The crash detection is controlled via app. All contacts and settings can be specified here. An important feature is that the user has the option to deactivate the alarm.


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