ABUS cMAP - mechanical security technology integrated into the digital world.

ABUS cMAP - mechanical security technology integrated into the digital world.

Rental, logistics or construction sectors - commercial users with decentralized products and services in use are offered completely new possibilities in the field of security and theft protection with "ABUS cMAP" and the 9001 IoTect locking modules. Assigning authorizations, defining geo-fencing, documenting access or tracking vehicles, devices and storage solutions located in the field - the IoT security solution offers operators a wide range of options. Goods and vehicles are not only secured with "ABUS cMAP", but can also be centrally viewed and controlled in real time via the dashboard. The combination of the cloud-based security platform "ABUS cMAP", the app and smart security technology creates the framework for this concept.

Control locks in the field - via app or desktop application

Control locks in the field - via app or desktop application

Whether on the desktop or with a mobile device - the "ABUS cMAP" app is the control unit for local operation of locking units. It enables the registration, management and control of physical locks and their users. Encrypted communication via the Bluetooth standard "ABUS SmartX" developed by ABUS ensures a high level of (data) security.

Individual customer portal ensures maximum transparency

Optionally, a web-based customer portal is available to the operator, via which the central user and lock management is carried out in the "ABUS cMAP". In this platform, all relevant information about the lock and its use is presented transparently in a dashboard. Based on a comprehensive rights structure, these can be individually assigned access rights - limited in time and space and freely scalable according to customer requirements.

The cloud-based solution ensures communication and data exchange between the registered locks and the platform itself. For this purpose, each 9001 IoTect lock is equipped with a GSM module that ensures data exchange regardless of location and reports its current status at all times.


ABUS 9001 IoTect – a lot more than a digital lock.

Goods and vehicles are secured mechanically by means of the ABUS 9001 IoTect - at first glance a futuristic padlock, but one that has much more to offer. In principle, the lock consists of two elements: the actual lock body, which also houses the digital control unit, and the security element, which is available in various forms. There are virtually no limits to these form factors: in addition to classic applications such as a security shackle or a chain, customer-specific solutions can also be implemented. In a model project, for example, document shredding garbage cans were equipped with a permanently installed 9001 IoTect locking module. The module will also be used as a permanently integrated solution for containers.

For further insights into the digital security platform and its possible applications take a look at  cmap.abus.com

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