If you saw someone trying to steal a bike in broad daylight what would you do?

we love cycling’s project ‘Lock Challenge 2017’ put that to the test.

The number of bicycle thefts in cities is increasing year on year. This is due to a range of factors, with inadequate security measures and the indifference of onlookers and passers-by among them.

We love cycling was on tour in Barcelona. And ABUS was right there with them – or rather our bike locks were.

After all, we are sure you’ll agree that too many bikes are being stolen, damaged, or made unroadworthy on a daily basis.

Which padlock is right for you to provide optimum protection?


Chain lock


The Lock-chain combination is, because of its flexibility, the best solution to secure your bike.




The U-lock is classics when it comes to securing bikes – solid materials and no moving parts provide the toughest resistance.


Cable lock


The Cable lock has advantages especially when convenience and practicality are priorities - light weight and surprising flexibility.


Folding lock


The folding lock is in its characteristics flexible, compact designed and light in its weight.


How can you make the thieves’ lives that little bit more difficult?

Axel Rösler, Mobile Security expert at ABUS, answers important questions and gives essential tips and tricks.


Sure-fire tips on counteracting bicycle theft


Pay heed to the following tips and stop would-be thieves in their tracks:

Park your bike in the right place
A deserted side street is just as bad as a quiet parking lot. You’re better off picking a spot that has frequent foot traffic.

Choose well-lit, busy parking spots
Thieves shy away from people and lights! At night, it's generally best to keep your bicycle secured with a bike lock and in a locked room (e.g. a basement or garage).

Always secure your bike no matter where you are
Anyone who doesn’t secure their bike – even for just a short trip to the shop – is taking a big gamble. Statistics show that around 30 percent of all bicycle thefts are opportunist crimes.

Use an extra lock
These are available in a wide range of prices and quality levels. The longer a thief needs to break a lock, the higher the risk that they’ll be caught in the act. What’s more, professional thieves tend to specialise in certain types of lock – so secure your bike several different types of lock.

Secure your bike to a solid object
Wherever possible, you should use a high-quality lock to secure your expensive bicycle to a fixed object. Long U-locks, high-quality lock/chain combinations or the BORDO™ foldable lock are suitable for this purpose.

Don’t just put a lock on your bike – lock it TO something
In situations where the bike is left alone for a longer period of time, simply locking it up isn’t enough. Modern bicycles can be carried away quickly and easily. Whether it’s a bike rack, a lamppost or a metal fence, bicycles should be locked and attached to an object that is at least as sturdy as the lock itself.

Your padlock should deter the thief
Criminals quickly lose interest when they realise that they will have to invest a lot of time to carry out a successful theft. The more expensive your bicycle is, the better quality lock you should use. You should invest ten percent of the total value of your bike into providing adequate protection for it. As well as being difficult to break into, these kinds of lock also act as a deterrent.

Always have your padlock to hand
Even the best lock has no chance if it isn’t taken with the bike. The BORDO™ comes as standard with a carry case that can be attached to various bicycle frames.

Pay heed to the following tips and stop would-be thieves in their tracks:

Whether you’re looking to protect your bike against thieves or your head against a bump with a cycle helmet – ABUS has the answer!

In terms of theft protection, from a basic level of protection all the way up to high-tech locks. Or in terms of helmets, from a child’s first helmet up to pro cycling headgear.

With high-quality U-lock, chain, and foldable locks, as well as armoured cable, spiral cable and cable locks, ABUS covers the whole spectrum of bike security – and offers the right bike lock for every eventuality.

That way, even clever thieves can be thwarted with little effort!

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