Castle secured by system Integral

In 1168 the castle Freudenstein was constructed to protect the silver mining. In 1500 „Heinrich der Fromme“ lived there. During the following centuries the castle was used as a military base, a military hospital and a grain silo. Between 2005 and 2008 it was restored fundamentally. Today it houses the world’s greatest collection of minerals, the archives of the city Freiberg and a restaurant.
Different cylinders types of ABUS are used to secure the historical building.

Fact sheet

Application area: Hotels and restaurants
Object: Castle Freudenstein
Location: Freiberg, Germany
Project goal: Mechanical key system

Challenge and solution

Security for valuable collections

  • Highest security level in system Integral
  • Comfortable handling because of the reversible key
  • A complex key system with different cylinder types like double, knob, half and key-operated switch cylinders of ABUS 

Coordination of the cylinder finish to the overall picture of the different rooms

  • Use of cylinders in RAL colours and in the Standard finish Nickel

Questions & answers

Security glossary