To prevent theft, break-ins and vandalism in the commercial sector, ABUS offers flexible, high-quality, easy-to-operate locking systems with highest usability that can be built to suit your exact requirements.

ABUS references in the commercial sector

ABUS offers a wide range of products that provide customized and flexible opportunities for providing end-to-end, scaleable security solutions for your company. ABUS's product palette offers everything you need to protect your object.

A selection of the projects we have carried out both in Germany and throughout the globe are outlined here. In addition to the corresponding object description, an overview of the requirements and solutions we have developed for our clients is also provided here.

Key system for a French hospital

Securing the hospital CHU Estaing

Application area: Health and Social Care

Clermont-Ferrand is located in the region Auvergne in France. CHU Estaing is part of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) of Clermont-Ferrand which employs 7,842 clinical specialists, nurses and nursing staff and it is equipped with up to 1,958 beds – 565 of them in CHU Estaing.

Challenge and solution:

  • Complex key system structure with different access authorizations

Securing a Cargo Transport Center

12,000 Cylinders Secure the Cargo Transport Center

Application area: Industry
Hotel and Gastronomy

The cargo transport center in Ingolstadt, Germany was set up in 1995. It is located next to the factory premises of AUDI AG and it combines the connection of the AUDI production and its suppliers. On a surface of 830,000 m², there are production halls and warehouses, service providers, offices and a four-star hotel. It even has its own side track as well as a trade station for containers. The maximum security for a reasonable price had to be provided. The cargo transport center is constantly expanded so that the keying system has to grow accordingly.

Challenge and solution:

  • Reasonable solution for effective security

High-Security Convenient Keying System

Keying system offers best protection in luxury hotel

Application area: Hotel and Gastronomy
Public Safety

The Emirates Palace Hotel is located in Abu Dhabi and is owned by the local monarch family. The construction of the building began in 2001 and four years later the hotel was opened. Like the Burj Al Arab in Dubai it is unofficially a seven-star hotel. Because of its exclusive luxury equipment it is called a “Palace“ and no longer a hotel.
There are many top-class guests, occasionally even members of the monarch family who meet their business partners or just want to relax. ABUS has offered the best solution to combine the high demands on the design with the highest security.

Challenge and solution:

  • Highest security for top-class customers
  • Integration in interior design

Security for an American Shopping Center

Keying system for an American shopping center

Application area: Trade
Hotel and Gastronomy

The shopping center on 80.000 m² was opened in 2009. It offers the soldiers of the American military base near Kaiserslautern, Germany a broad choice of restaurants as well as shopping and entertainment facilities.
ABUS has found the appropriate solution so that the soldiers of the American military base can enjoy their free time in a convenient and secure environment and met the requirements of the operator at the same time.

Challenge and solution:

  • Effective security against unauthorized access
  • Adaption of cylinder lengths
  • Special request

Gold-Plated Cylinders for a Luxury Hotel

Gold-plated cylinders for the Burj al Arab in Dubai

Application area: Hotel and Gastronomy

The Burj Al Arab was built from 1994 to 1999. It took two years to create the artificial island on which it is constructed. The hotel is 321 m high and has 60 floors. It is the most expensive and most luxurious hotel in the world and after the “Rose Tower“ the second-highest building in Dubai. The hotel in the shape of a sail is the landmark of the city of Dubai. Officially it is a five-star hotel, but unofficially it is a seven-star hotel because of the extremely exclusive equipment.

Challenge and solution:

  • Special demands
  • Prevent a complete cylinder exchange when a key is lost
  • Security through quality

Securing the Diamond Exchange in Dubai

ABUS locks the diamond tower in Dubai

Application area: Trade
Banks and Finance

The Almas Tower (almas means “diamond“) with its innovative glass design and the winding elements was designed according to the special needs of the diamond industry and it is the headquarters of the Dubai Diamond Exchange. Inside of the 363 m high building there are 65 floors for offices, a public show room for diamonds and the head office of the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center). ABUS was asked to secure the skyscraper.

Challenge and solution:

  • Use of a reliable and precise locking system

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