ABUS References – Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is in vogue now more than ever. Surveillance technology from ABUS has already been used very successfully in a number of different industries. From surveillance of a company site, a villa or petrol station to scientific video documentation, our specialist dealers have already conducted any number of wide-ranging projects using our video surveillance systems.

Video surveillance - application examples

Based on selected practical examples, see how commercial enterprises are stepping up their security and are already successfully saving money using ABUS video surveillance.

Video surveillance for a tea museum

ABUS secures the East Frisian Tea Museum, Germany

Application area: Art, Entertainment and Leisure

Just a few kilometres away from the North Sea, where fresh sea breezes sweep over the brick houses, lies the East Frisian tea museum. A magnificent Renaissance building from the 16th Century, the former town hall of Norden now houses the entrance of the museum, inviting visitors to discover the world of East Frisian tea culture. The exhibitions, which include precious tea sets made from fine bone china or precious silver, require special protection against theft and vandalism. This protection is provided by a total of 31 ABUS camera domes with night vision, ensuring an overview of all the museum’s winding halls and dimly-lit areas. The richly detailed video image quality and seamless live broadcasting and recording of video material allow the staff to keep watch over everything happening in the museum so they can react accordingly if something does not seem right. Download the complete Case Study here (Zip; 14 MB)

Challenge and solution:

  • Video surveillance in difficult lighting conditions
  • Video Surveillance Solution combining Analogue HD and IP Cameras
  • Monitoring for additional security and visitor management
  • Product: Analogue HD, IP

Video Surveillance for Luxury Hotel

ABUS secures The Ritz-Carlton in Berlin

Application area: Hotel and Gastronomy

Business leaders, state presidents and international celebrities are among the demanding guests of a modern luxury hotel such as The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin. Therefore, in addition to the best possible service and amenities of a centrally located luxury hotel, the The Ritz-Carlton also provides its guests with a higher standard of security and it is in this area that the ABUS video surveillance system makes a vital contribution.

Challenge and solution:

  • Step by step approach from CCTV to HD video surveillance
  • Discrete video surveillance in public areas
  • Intuitive operation

Video Surveillance for ARAL Gas Station

Clear view on gas pumps with HD video surveillance

Application area: Trade

People stealing gasoline, shoplifting, vandalism, crashes in the car wash: all these are serious problems of everyday life at German gas stations. ARAL gas station owner Peter Beducker, whose gas station in Langweid, Germany has been in the family for 77 years, can tell a thing or two about it. His solution is  a high-resolution video surveillance system with video management software made in Germany by ABUS Security-Center, the video surveillance expert. Thanks to the combination of IP and HD-SDI video technology, the existing analog video system could be converted to HD standard cost-effectively.

Challenge and solution:

  • Cost-effective conversion of existing CCTV to HD standard
  • 24/7 hard evidence of events
  • Conventient remote access
  • Effect on the insurance policy

Video Surveillance for Big German Banking Group

Protection of head office and 17 branches

Application area: Trade

From the 200-meter Main Tower, the European Central Bank's Eurotower or the Japan Center: The Neue Mainzer Straße in Frankfurt, Germany not only serves as the city's main traffic artery, it is also the hub of Frankfurt's banking quarter. It is here that the Frankfurter Sparkasse has its head office. To safeguard staff and customers alike, security technology from ABUS was installed at the bank's head office and 17 other branches (as of September 2009) in the Rhein-Main area. Here, video cameras monitor the lobby and keep an eye on ATM transactions.

Challenge and solution:

  • Remote access from one location to all other systems
  • Smooth recording and playback of the approximately 200 cameras
  • Precise and discrete monitoring of money transfer

Video Surveillance at St. Josef's Hospital

Protecting a hospital complex

Application area: Health and Social Care

St. Josef's Hospital, which is run by the Vinzenz group, is a non-profit hospital and covers all fields of classical medicine. It is famous nationwide for its obstetrics and gynecology department. In 2009, it was one of the first hospitals in Austria to be successfully certified and risk management and patient security are of great importance to the institution. To meet these needs even more effectively, the hospital was fitted with security technology from ABUS. Video cameras monitor the aisles, cloak rooms and the large underground car park.

Challenge and solution:

  • Complete and consistent protection of the entire hospital complex from the underground car park to the fourth floor
  • Distances of up to 320 m between camera and recorder
  • Remote access to video data from a central location

Video Surveillance in Veterinary Clinic

Keeping an eye open with ABUS network cameras

Application area: Health and Social Care

Since 2003, the veterinary clinic in Oberhaching near Munich, Germany is one of the largest privately run veterinarians in Bavaria. It goes without saying that the technical equipment and interior are of the highest standards. Management at the clinic has decided to install a modern IP-based ABUS video surveillance system to ensure that it can continue to provide high-quality services and that as many animals as possible can benefit from the high-quality technical equipment.

Challenge and solution:

  • Discreet surveillance and high-resolution images
  • Fail-safe recording
  • Quick installation during business hours

Protection and Security in the Schoolyard

Monitoring school grounds

Application area: Education

Fights, theft and vandalism are today's reality in many schools. The Japanese International School in Frankfurt, Germany shows that it does not have to be this way. As violent crimes are usually committed by unauthorized third parties who enter the school grounds, the school decided to install professional security technology from ABUS to track down the perpetrators. Parents, students and teachers welcomed the move as the cameras help to effectively prevent violence and crime.

Challenge and solution:

  • High-quality external surveillance
  • Fulfillment of all data protection requirements

Protection of an Airport Storage Warehouse

Video surveillance for Hahn Cargo Services GmbH

Application area: Transport and Logistics

With about 140,000 tons of air cargo, Frankfurt-Hahn ranks third in Germany and this trend is still rising. Hahn Cargo Services GmbH is a 'one-stop shop' for freight, from unloading to palleting and documentation and onward transportation. The capacities of the 8,800 m² warehouse are big enough to store the cargo of several airplanes. Several thefts prompted Cargo Services GmbH to install a video surveillance system from ABUS to better monitor the goods stored in the warehouse and the loading of palettes and special goods.

Challenge and solution:

  • Comprehensive protection of a large warehouse
  • Long distances between cameras and recorders

Protecting an ADMIRAL Amusement Arcade

Video surveillance of an amusement hall

Application area: Art, Entertainment and Leisure

According to German law, arcades have to be equipped with optical area monitoring devices in the entry area. They have to be clearly visible and have to run at all times during business hours. For additional protection against burglary, theft, robbery and vandalism, the ADMIRAL amusement arcade in Würselen, Germany is equipped with professional video surveillance technology from ABUS. The mounted cameras provide ideal surveillance of the outdoor and indoor areas.

Challenge and solution:

  • Comprehensive protection of a 1,200 m² amusement arcade
  • UVV-certified cameras

Video Surveillance in the Mariazell Basilica

Hybrid video monitoring

Application area: Public Institutions

The Roman Catholic Mariazell Basilica is the most important pilgrimage site in Austria and among the most famous in Europe. A wooden Madonna, the Magna Mater Austriae, is worshipped in this 12th century church. The plaster stucco of the organ gallery and the organ console were created by the Viennese sculptor Johann Wagner in 1740. The aging analog recording system that was used to protect historic and cultural valuables and to monitor the constant stream of visitors was recently replaced by a modern hybrid system from ABUS.

Challenge and solution:

  • Reducing data volume and motion-activated recording
  • Efficient and simple operation and data export

Video Surveillance at Heinrich Lütticken GmbH

Protection of an 8,000 m² warehouse

Application area: Transport and Logistics

Heinrich Lütticken first set up shop in 1857, selling agricultural products and groceries, dry goods and hardware and running its own workshop. Today, the medium-sized family-run steel processor sells all types of products required by locksmiths, steelworks and structural engineering companies. In order to protect the area surrounding the 8,000 m² warehouse in Wittlich, Germany and better monitor the frequent comings and goings of trucks in the loading areas, Heinrich Lütticken GmbH has installed video cameras from ABUS.

Challenge and solution:

  • Protecting the area surrounding the 8,000 m² warehouse
  • Monitoring the interior
  • Precise and inconspicuous monitoring of the loading area

Hybrid Video Surveillance System for Museum

New technology for old masters

Application area: Art, Entertainment and Leisure

The Voswinckelshof museum in Dinslaken, Germany is home to several valuable Goya paintings as part of a special exhibition hosted during the 2010 City of Culture. For security reasons, it must be possible to clearly identify anyone standing in front of the paintings. The existing analog video system was no longer able to meet these special requirements and had to be extended. As new IP cameras also needed to be installed, the organizers decided in favor of an ABUS 8-channel hybrid digital recorder. The existing analog and new IP cameras can be managed in a monitoring station.

Challenge and solution:

  • Existing analog system needs to be extended
  • Changing exhibitions require flexible installation
  • Facial recognition: a special requirement by the police

Video Surveillance for Bergmeister Bakery

Protection of the main building and 18 shops

Application area: Trade

In addition to the graffiti on the outside walls, several incidents of theft of money and stock prompted the owners to install video technology from ABUS Security-Center in their main building and in 18 shops. Several discreetly positioned, camouflaged CCTV cameras now unobtrusively monitor the bakery's premises. In addition to these preventive measures, the bakery's production facility was also upgraded. As part of the production line, the cameras help boost productivity and quality.

Challenge and solution:

  • Comprehensive and unobtrusive monitoring inside 18 shops
  • Remote access to the video data from the main premises, the shops and the production floor from the head office
  • Integration of camera in the bakery's production line

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