Steel cable Cobra™

  • Ideal to secure bikes, surfboards, gardening tools, etc.

Steel cable Cobra™


  • High quality steel cable with two loop ends


  • The Cobra-Loop-Cables are a very useful complement for U-shackle, frame and padlocks
Steel cable Cobra 8/250 black 

Weight [lbs]: 0.86 lbs
length: 98 27⁄64 inch
Steel cable Cobra 12/180 black 

Weight [lbs]: 1.12 lbs
length: 70 55⁄64 inch
Steel cable Cobra 10/200 black 

Weight [lbs]: 0.95 lbs
length: 78 47/64 inch
Steel cable Cobra 10/500 black 

Weight [lbs]: 2.09 lbs
length: 196 27⁄32 inch
Steel cable Cobra 10/1000 black 

Weight [lbs]: 3.81 lbs
length: 393 45⁄64 inch
Steel cable Cobra 12/120 black 

Weight [lbs]: 0.84 lbs
length: 47 1⁄4 inch


Flexible Steel Cables

Our steel cables are highly flexible and versatile. The two ends of the COBRA cables for example are looped so that they can be intertwined and locked with a padlock. With a security cable, your valuables can easily be tied to one another or to a fixed object. ...
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