High-Security Hasp 130

  • The security rating of a hasp should always match the padlock because the two products form a symbiosis in which the weakest link becomes extremely important. ABUS offers a broad range of high-security hasps for different levels of security. Security hasps feature concealed screws and hardened steel loops to protect the padlock's shackle against attacks with breaking tools. Together with a suitable padlock, the hasp offers maximum security for doors and gates. The extremely sturdy Granit™ hasp is used to secure flush-closing doors (the door leaf and the door frame are on one level). For highest security, the material and loop match our original ABUS Granit™ padlocks.

High-Security Hasp 130


  • Two hardened hinge pins
  • Tough white heart malleable iron
  • Hardened staple
  • Including coach bolts and back plate


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Technical drawing
Width a [inch]: 7 5/64
Depth b [inch]: 3 7/64
Hole Diameter c [inch]: 35/64
Level: 10
Weight [lbs]: 1670



The security rating of the hasp should always match the padlock. High security hasps have concealed screws, for example. Hardened steel loops that take the shackle of the padlock are concealed inside the hasp and thus provide optimal protection against attempts to break the lock open. ...
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