Combination Lock 170

  • The 170 padlock features a rugged laminated steel body and a shackle made of hardened steel. The 170 has a high level of corrosion resistance since each laminate of this padlock gets coated individually.

Combination Lock 170


  • Rugged laminated steel body
  • Shackle made of hardened steel
  • Bottom setting for protection from weather
  • Rust-protected, individually coated steel plates
  • Resetting tool included


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Width a [inch]: 1 3/4
Horizontal clearance b [inch]: 13/16
Vertical clearance c [inch]: 63/64
Shackle diameter d [inch]: 1/4
Depth e [inch]: 63/64
Height f [inch]: 2 19/32
Level: 4
Weight [lbs]: 0.40


Laminated Steel

Our laminated locks are made from high quality steel. The locks come equipped with hardened steel shackles. Each lock has a unique blend of strength, durability, and extreme weather resistance.

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