Silver Rock™ 5/50: Solid Protection for Jobsite Boxes

What are jobsite boxes?

Many contractors use jobsite boxes to store tools and equipment at worksites. These storage boxes ensure that equipment is easily accessible and stored securely. With the convenience of these materials staying on-site, this increases the risk of equipment getting stolen by trespassers.

Insurance companies often estimate a cost of a million dollars or more for tool theft. This is a substantial amount of money that keep contractors concerned about the security of tools and equipment. It is crucial to have quality security measures that are reliable and can protect worksite materials.

Jobsite boxes utilize padlocks to secure the lid from being broken into. It is common for construction specialist to use laminate style padlocks for these boxes; however, they can easily rust from the outdoor exposure and be tampered with from the damage. The Silver Rock™ 5/50 solves this problem with its solid zinc body and precision cylinder. 

What is the difference from a solid body padlock vs. laminated body padlock? 

Frequently found at tool and supply shops, laminate style padlocks are regularly used on jobsite boxes. Although they may be used traditionally, these styles of locks can be easily damaged from outdoor elements. The expense of constantly replacing these locks can be high, especially if the lock is picked and the supplies it was supposed to protect are now in the hands of trespassers.

Why are these laminate locks prone to getting damaged from outdoor exposure? The lock body is assembled with laminated plates, generally coated after the plates are built together to avoid corrosion. The lock body contains crevices from the plates that allow water, dirt and other elements to permeate inside the lock causing deterioration. Once the body of the lock is damaged, this allows thieves to effortlessly break into the lock and gain access to materials. When the internal components are corroded, this can obstruct constructions specialists themselves from opening their jobsite boxes to perform their duties.

The Silver Rock™ 5/50 is developed to provide reliable protection for jobsite boxes. Its solid zinc body prevents outdoor elements from causing internal damage to the lock body and its cylinder. In addition to its solid body, the Silver Rock™ also has a precision 5-pin cylinder that presents another level of security than most laminate locks provide. 

Why is pinning important?

The number of pins a cylinder has demonstrates how secure the padlock is. Generally, laminate padlocks range from 3 to 4 number of pins, which for experienced lock pickers this may seem easy. With its precision 5-pin cylinder, Silver Rock™ differentiates itself with a cylinder that is reliable and difficult to tamper with. Its paracentric keyway provides increased protection against manipulation. This keyway is difficult to get a key made from unless you order direct from the manufacturer.

With more pins there is less of a chance for key contamination, meaning that with the extra pin you have the ability for more true key changes. The Silver Rock™ cylinder also gives user flexibility to order a variety of keyways including: Keyed-Alike (KA), Keyed-Different (KD) and Master-Keyed (MK).

The Obvious Choice

The conversion from laminate to solid body locks has proved successful for one large energy provider, who recently updated their laminate and brass padlocks to the Silver Rock™ 5/50. They had trouble with their laminate and brass locks, which included inaccurate fitting to the job box and having a short life in the field. In addition, they needed a solution to key alike across their entire system.

“They enjoyed the durability of the lock and the added security of having 5 pins. They needed to key each area to the same key and the Silver Rock™ was able to deliver,” Lance Endsley, ABUS USA Regional Sales Manager – West, said. “The Silver Rock™ fit their job boxes perfectly and didn’t leave any of the lock exposed.”

As mentioned above, the cost of having tools and equipment stolen is excruciatingly high and can slowdown production, which can delay projects. When it comes to security, every piece of hardware is essential in its role for securing jobsites, regardless of its size. The Silver Rock™ 5/50 not only provides a precision cylinder, it can withstand elements and last longer than traditional storage box locks.