Staying Secure during a Relocation

Summer is by far the busiest time of year to move with nearly 60% of annual US moves taking place between April through August (moveBuddha 2021). As this upcoming moving season approaches, it’s easy to forget about the small details when you’re uprooting your whole life. You may have a new unlocked back gate, an open shed with your tools inside, and many other new security elements left exposed due to your move. ABUS is here to help create a seamless security plan for your upcoming relocation.


A box truck is commonly used when moving from one location to another and when left unattended, your household items can be left susceptible to theft. With the ABUS Diskus®, your belongings are secure with 360-degree protection and bolt cutter resistance. This high-quality lock has a stainless-steel interior and exterior that ensures solid safety during the moving process. Once you’re finished using the moving truck, be sure to attach the Diskus® lock to one of our 140 Hasp on a gate and you’ll have optimal perimeter security.


April showers bring May flowers which means rust and corrosion are both on the rise. Choosing the right padlock for your outdoor needs is essential. Padlocks like the  70IB have a sealed lock body with a special protective cap and drainage channels to protect the mechanism from all types of weather. This lock stays rust-free when you most need it during summer showers and days by the pool!


If you’re looking for high-security and corrosion resistance, look no further! The Granit™  37ST/55 has the highest security rating on the spectrum and will not rust even in the harshest of weather. This massive lock body will keep all your high value items in your new shed secure when you move.


ABUS is a global brand that has been around since 1924. Our devices champion high-quality materials, optimal security, and increased corrosion resistance. When your next move is on the way, your choice in ABUS products will be the right one for seamless security.


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