How ABUS Weatherproof Locks Will Save You this Winter

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, your locks start to experience the dive in temperature as well. Colder air, snowstorms, and freezing rain are all catalysts for corrosion in padlocks. Many lock bodies can be easily broken into due to a buildup of rust that breaks down the integrity of a padlock. With high-quality German engineering, ABUS has created many security locks that are tailored to the severe weather this upcoming winter season.

The Diskus® padlock has been trusted since 1949, when ABUS created the original 360-degree design. This sturdy lock has evolved throughout the years to have many different variants. The Diskus® 24IB is primarily made of stainless steel which is the superior corrosion-free option. This trusted padlock also has a nickel-plated cylinder for enhanced internal weather protection.


When you think of high security, the ABUS Granit™ lock should come to mind. The Granit™ 37ST/55 padlock was created specifically for securing highly valuable items and withstanding severe weather conditions. The massive lock body has a stainless-steel shackle that makes this option have maximum rust protection. Whether you’re locking a small item or highly value item, you can rest assured that the ABUS Granit™ lock is among the most secure padlocks in the world.


Combo locks are trusted options among many when securing medium-value assets and objects. The Combination Lock 180IB has a body made of solid forged brass that makes it ideal for securing your belongings during severe weather conditions. The inner components are made of non-corrosive materials which makes this a perfect lock for outdoor winter use.


Laminated steel padlocks are some of the most popular types of lock in the United States. Setting ABUS ahead from the competitors, each laminate in this high-quality lock is individually coated in the trusted ETERNA™ coating. This creates a virtually corrosion-free lock that protects against all outdoor elements.


The ABUS Brass 75IB may surprise you in this list of weatherproof lock options. This lock is not only made to be corrosion resistant with its solid brass body, but the Brass 75IB also has 168,000 key variations with a highly precise key locking system. This means not only are you protected from the cold weather, but you’re also secure from lock pickers tampering with the device. The Brass 75IB is a unique blend of strength and durability.


In the end, ABUS has a wide variety of lock options for severe weather outdoor use. Whatever winter weather requirements you may have, ABUS has a high-quality and 100% rust-free option. In this chilly season, keep your valuables safe with ABUS weatherproof padlocks.