KeyGarage™ 737

  • ABUS KeyGarage™ - Never put your keys under the door mat or in the flower pot again! With an ABUS KeyGarage™ your keys are secure and weather-protected. The solid metal housing protects the keys and code cards against unauthorized access. Furthermore the KeyGarage™ offers a simple and secure solution for easy exchange of keys and code cards: only the digit code is needed by the authorized person. If the group changes, the code can be changed quickly and easily. Due to the small size, the ABUS KeyGarage™ 737 is ideal for mobile storing of keys and smaller valuable items. The access is granted by means of a 4-digit individually resettable code.

KeyGarage™ 737


  • Compact portable key safe
  • Solid metal housing provides excellent security
  • Can hold up to 7 keys
  • Vinyl-coated shackle and back protect surfaces
  • 4-digit resettable combination: Set your own PIN


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Width a [inch]: 2 19/32
Horizontal clearance b [inch]: 1 19/64
Vertical clearance c [inch]: 1 31/32
Shackle diameter d [inch]: 25/64
Depth e [inch]: 1 9/64
Height f [inch]: 5 5/16
Weight [lbs]: 0.80


With KeyGarage™, ABUS offers an intelligent and secure solution for storing keys. Secured by an inidividually set code, the strong steel plate housing protects keys and code cards against unauthorized use. If you need to make your keys accessible to other people, the KeyGarage™ presents a simple and secure solution to do so. All that is required is giving the code to those people that should be given access. As people enter or leave this ...
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