Monoblock 82

  • The 82 Monobloc brass padlock can be used in spaces that are hard to access, e.g. on roller shutters and it works perfectly in combination with a security chain. The lock's shackle is made of hardened steel with NANO PROTECT™ coating for extra corrosion resistance. A hardened steel pin combats the most common ways of forcing the lock open. A key is not needed to close this lock. It gets closed automatically by pushing down the shackle.

Monoblock 82


  • Body made of solid brass
  • Shackle made of hardened steel
  • Precision pin tumbler
  • Hardened steel pin protects the narrow side of the lock body against sawing


  • Sizes: 2 33/64", 2 25/32", 3 35/64"
Width a [inch]: 2 25/32
Horizontal clearance b [inch]: 7/8
Vertical clearance c [inch]: 33/64
Shackle diameter d [inch]: 15/32
Depth e [inch]: 51/64
Height f [inch]: 1 31/32
Level: 6
Weight [lbs]: 0.91


Monoblock 82/70

Width a [inch]: 2 25/32
Level: 6
Monoblock 82/63 

Width a [inch]: 2 33/64
Level: 6
Monoblock 82/90 

Width a [inch]: 3 35/64
Level: 7


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