Combination Lock 147TSA/30

  • The 147TSA padlock (TSA = Transportation Security Administration) is suited to secure luggage, bags, suitcases, backpacks, etc. This padlock is ideal especially for travels to the USA because the luggage can be opened (with a TSA-key) by the US security authorities without damaging the lock. A lock without TSA key access can be forced open without permission of the owner. The 147TSA has a red indicator (visible on the shackle) which tells if the lock was opened by the TSA. To reset this indicator the lock must be opened and the shackle must be turned by 360°. Very practical is the handling of the ABUS 147TSA without a key by means of a 3-digit individually resettable code. With its very low weight, the lock is perfect to be used on the go.

Combination Lock 147TSA/30


  • 3-digit resettable code
  • TSA-approved: ideal for air travel


  • -
Width a [inch]: 1 19/64
Horizontal clearance b [inch]: 33/64
Vertical clearance c [inch]: 25/32
Shackle diameter d [inch]: 1/8
Depth e [inch]: 35/64
Height f [inch]: 2 23/64
Level: 2
Weight [lbs]: 0.07



Combination locks are suitable for a range of uses and with different users, thanks to their special locking system. Applications include securing pieces of luggage, tool boxes or lockers in sports clubs. The locks are secured by a 3- or 4-digit number combination that can be set individually. This way, you will never have to worry again about carrying your keys with you or losing them. ...
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