Fingerprint Padlocks

From now on, your fingerprint is all you need to unlock your ABUS padlock. And that’s from any angle and any position! ABUS Touch™ 57: the fingerprint lock for indoors and outdoors - now even more secure, even easier to operate and for up to 20 people.

Key free. Worry-free. Suitable for outdoor use.

The new fingerprint lock for up to 20 fingerprints
Secure, innovative, uncomplicated and versatile: The latest product in the padlock family from ABUS can be operated with one hand using a fingerprint, is double-locked and weatherproof. Its fingerprint sensor recognizes up to 20 fingerprints. Ideal for industrial applications, athletes, families and neighbors.

ABUS Touch™ – Your advantages:

Combine the fingerprint lock with chains, cables or hasps from ABUS © ABUS


... and that’s from any angle and any position! Does this situation sound familiar? Your padlock doesn’t hang precisely at a 90-degree angle, particularly on shed or basement doors, even if a hasp is attached. Opening codes are difficult to set or the key can only be put in the lock and turned with great difficulty.

With the ABUS Touch, all this is now a thing of the past: Simply hold your finger on it – from above or below, from the right or left, or however and wherever suits you – and the padlock clicks open.



For twice all ten fingers, five times four or ten times two
Sound complicated? To the contrary! Two administrators are always registered for the lock with the fingerprint sensor. The first two fingerprints to be registered are those of the administrators. After that, up to 18 additional fingers can be registered. In total, up to 20 users can be stored.



Whether in heavy rain or on a dust-dry construction site, two protection classes ensure that the ABUS Touch™ 57 is even more durable and secure: IP 66 and IP 68. Thus, the padlock is dust-tight and its internal components are safely protected from dirt and moisture. It can also withstand heavy rain or water jets from the garden hose. Despite the battery, the lock can also be submerged fully into water one time without its function being impaired. This makes cleaning easier, for example. The only limitation: The fingerprint sensor does not recognize prints underwater.

Just touch. ABUS Touch. © ABUS
Just touch. ABUS Touch. © ABUS