5/50 KD 1" shackle

  • Security for items/goods of medium value or where there is an average risk of theft
  • Suitable for securing doors, gates, cupboards, lockers, tool boxes, basement windows, sheds, switch boxes, cupboards, etc.

5/50 KD 1" shackle


  • Heavy zinc body
  • Hardened steel shackle with NANO PROTECT™ coating for increased protection against rust on shackle
  • An innovative silicone protective bumper prevents scratches and dama
  • The precision cylinder with paracentric key cuts protects against tampering
  • Four standard sizes
Technical drawing
Level: 7
Depth e: 1 inch
Height f: 3 inch
Horizontal clearance b: 1 inch
Key Blank: 12023
No. of keys supplied: 2 keys incl.
Packaging: single carton
Schließung: keyed different
Shackle diameter d: 5⁄16 inch
Vertical clearance c: 1 inch
Weight [lbs]: 0.75 lbs
Width a: 2 inch

Silver Rock™ 5/50HB25

With its solid zinc body and brushed stainless-steel finish, the Silver Rock™ 5/50HB25 provides heavy-duty security to ensure your property is protected. Its zinc lock body prevents outdoor elements from causing internal damage to its cylinder and body exterior. It includes a blue silicone bumper for added protection. The Silver Rock™ offers a 5-pin cylinder that makes it difficult to tamper with. In addition, its paracentric keyway ...
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