TITALIUM™ Padlock 82TI

  • When there is not enough space to apply a curved shackle of a common padlock, the ABUS Monoblock 82TI comes into play. The horizontal locking technology enables a practical, insertion of the key at the side. Hardly any space remains for attacks with bolt cutters and saws, especially in combination with a hasp or chain. The 82TI is an attractive alternative to the traditional Monoblock brass lock, a clear advantage being the significantly reduced weight that does not affect the security rating in any negative way.

TITALIUM™ Padlock 82TI


  • Solid lock body made of TITALIUM™ aluminum alloy: light, but secure
  • Shackle made of hardened steel with NANO PROTECT™ coating for extra corrosion resistance
  • A hardened steel pin protects the narrow side of the lock body against sawing
  • Precision pin tumbler with high number of key differs
  • Automatic locking: Locking without key by pushing down the shackle
Width a [inch]: 2 3/4
Horizontal clearance b [inch]: 55/64
Vertical clearance c [inch]: 33/64
Shackle diameter d [inch]: 15/32
Weight [lbs]: 0.43



TITALIUM™ is a special aluminum alloy that uniquely combines a high level of strength with lightness just like in the aircraft or automobile industry. The contemporary material implementation is reflected in the design of the products: TITALIUM™ series padlocks all feature an impressive stainless steel finish. TITALIUM™ - A New Generation of Padlocks The TITALIUM™ range is the new reference for padlocks. With approximately 30% ...
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