Padlock 90RK/50 B/DFNLI

  • To secure valuables/goods of greater value or at a high risk of theft
  • Ideal for use in severe weather conditions (e.g. in coastal or port areas, to secure objects on vehicles and boats in outdoor use)
  • To secure containers, lorries, cellar doors - also in combination with ABUS chains

Padlock 90RK/50 B/DFNLI


  • Solid lock body made of TITALIUM™ aluminum alloy: light, but secure
  • Shackle made of stainless steel for best corrosion resistance
  • With integrated shackle guard: makes attacks with bolt cutters difficult
  • Precision pin cylinder
  • Key retaining: Key is needed for locking (Lock retains key until locked)
Level: 8
Depth e: 29⁄32 inch
Height f: 3 13⁄64 inch
Horizontal clearance b: 49⁄64 inch
Key Blank: 552984
Schließung: keyed different
Shackle diameter d: 3⁄8 inch
Vertical clearance c: 57⁄64 inch
Weight [lbs]: 0.59 lbs
Width a: 1 31⁄32 inch



The outstanding quality of our hardened steel, the sophisticated locking mechanism and the compact body of the lock in conjunction with long-term resistance to corrosion, make ABUS padlocks the ideal companion for boat owners. ...
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