Brass Padlock T84MB

  • The T84MB padlock features a brass lock body and a brass shackle. Due to the internal parts being made of stainless material, the T84MB is well-suited for outdoor use. It can be used to secure cabinets, lockers, bags, luggage, cash boxes, etc. The T84MB is locked automatically by pushing down the shackle - no key is needed for locking.

Brass Padlock T84MB


  • Body and shackle made of solid brass
  • Plastic casing for better grip
  • Inner components made of non-corrosive materials
  • Precision pin tumbler


  • Sizes: 51/64", 1 3/16", 1 9/16"
Width a [inch]: 1 11/16
Horizontal clearance b [inch]: 25/32
Vertical clearance c [inch]: 53/64
Shackle diameter d [inch]: 1/4
Depth e [inch]: 43/64
Height f [inch]: 2 21/64
Level: 4
Weight [lbs]: 0.30


Brass Padlock T84MB/40

Width a [inch]: 1 11/16
Level: 4
Brass Padlock T84MB/20 

Width a [inch]: 7/8
Level: 2
Brass Padlock T84MB/30 

Width a [inch]: 1 1/4
Level: 3
Brass Padlock T84MB/50 

Width a [inch]: 2 5/64
Level: 2



The outstanding quality of our hardened steel, the sophisticated locking mechanism and the compact body of the lock in conjunction with long-term resistance to corrosion, make ABUS padlocks the ideal companion for boat owners. ...
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