The Universal Solution for Every Valve Handle

The Universal Solution for Every Valve Handle

V500 Universal Ball Valve Lockout

PHOENIX, January 13, 2020 – ABUS released its latest safety device, the V500 Universal Ball Valve Lockout, created to virtually fit every valve handle size and shape. The V500 has an ergonomically shaped rotary handle which allows the device to adjust its size for lockout purposes.

Designed with metal housing, the V500 can endure harsh industrial environments. This feature allows facilities to focus on a safe lockout/tagout program for their employees and not worry about replacing devices which can be costly. The V500 has a large shaped surface that is rubberized on one side to fully grip the valve. 

“The V500 Universal Ball Valve device has a wide variety of uses, solving many problems where traditional LOTO devices just don’t work,” said Jon Smith, Director of Industrial Sales. “This device can be used in any application, where the cable can be installed counter to the movement required to change the position of the product being locked out. This includes valves, switches, handles, steering wheels and more.” 

This intuitive and user-friendly device can be locked out with one padlock or a Safelex™ Cable Lockout. The V500 Universal Ball Valve Lockout is available now for shipping. 

About ABUS

Since 1924, ABUS has provided a good feeling of security. The products of the German manufacturer distinguish themselves through a high level of reliability and longevity while still being very easy to use.  ABUS provides a large product range of innovative solutions for home security, safety lockout, commercial security and recreational security. ABUS USA is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ and is a wholly owned subsidiary in the ABUS Group dedicated to making life more secure in North America.  The ABUS group is headquartered in Wetter, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany and is made up of more than 20 subsidiaries worldwide distributing security products in over 100 countries.


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