Merchandisers & Displays

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'Candy Jar' Dispenser

The Candy Jar display is a simple solution for your shop counter.
Recommended Products: Combination 145, Combination 155

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Diskus® Integral Display

This display demonstrates how the Diskus® Integral hasp DI141 works. It comes fully mounted with a black or white hasp and a Diskus® padlock. The display resembles the back of a van. One of the acrylic doors opens to the front.

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Ecolution™ Display

Our Ecolution™ display can hold up to 10 ABUS products in blister packaging (2 large blisters and 8 regular blisters). It can be placed on your counter to get the most attention from customers.
Recommended Ecolution™ Products: 72IB/40, 70IB/45, 24IB/70, T65AL/40, 41/40, 74/40

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KeyGarage™ Display

The ABUS KeyGarage™ is the perfect place to keep your keys or key cards and it can also be used to grant access to cleaners or tradespersons while you are not at home.
The cardboard display is multilingual (English, French, Spanish, German) and has six compartments that can each hold two KeyGarage™ products.

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PS-88 Display

Our PS-88 lock lubricant is the best choice if you want to prolong the life of your cylinders. You can use the spray to loosen up rusted metal parts or just to enhance the corrosion resistance of moving parts. This simple counter display holds 8 bottles of lock lubricant spray.

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'Suitcase' Display

This suitcase-shaped cardboard display can easily be featured on a counter or shelf. It addresses customers who need an easy solution for their bags or suitcases. Ideal for vacations!
Recommended Products: Combination 145, Combination 151, Combination 152, Combination 155

© ABUS Titallium


Our new TITALIUM™ locks are Strong, Lightweight and Innovative due to the special aluminum alloy they are made of. It is also a very versatile series that comes in many sizes and with different shackle lengths.
Present any selection of TITALIUM™ locks that you want to offer in your shop by using our nice and handy display.

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'V2014' Display

The V2014 is a generic ABUS display that has space for 6 standard size or 12 small size blister-packed padlocks. Choose a custom assortment of products and present them on a counter or shelf in your shop using this display.

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Video Surveillance Display

The ABUS Plug-n-Play video surveillance products are very easy to install and use. The 63" tall cardboard display can hold two of each TVAC15000 and TVAC16000 camera & monitor sets, two of each TVAC15010 and TVAC16010 additional cameras, and four pieces of the TVAC80000 digital door viewer.

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'WE92' Display

The WE92 display is a peg wall rack that can be placed anywhere on your shop floor. It is available with either a TITALIUM™ or a generic header.