Standard Cable Lockout C553

  • Intuitive design for self-explanatory application
  • Isolated, exchangeable metal cable in different lengths
  • Holds up to 6 padlocks

Standard Cable Lockout C553

The standard cable lockout is used during maintenance work in cases where the special lockout device for the respective access point is not at hand. It can be used universally on different kinds of energy sources. The use of this cable lockout is easy and intuitive: The cable simply gets wrapped around the lockout spots and tightened with the lockout device. Just like a standard safety hasp, it can be locked with up to 6 padlocks. The flexible cable is available in different lengths and it allows for this lockout device to be used universally.


  • C553: Length 3'
  • C556: Length 6'
  • C559: Length 9'
  • C565: Length 15'
Locking Points: 6
Shackle Diameter: 9/32
Length: 5 3/64
Width: 2 13/32
Depth: 5/8
Cable Length: 39 3/8
Cable Diameter: 5/32

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