Lockout Cabinet

Having direct access to necessary equipment is one of the biggest challenges of many LOTO programs. ABUS lockout cabinets can be mounted close by for easy and quick access to LOTO equipment.

Lockout Cabinet

Operation and use:

  • Lockout cabinet designed to store padlocks and equipment in one location
  • Designed from unbreakable ABS: a non-conductive and non-rusting material that will withstand industrial settings
  • Clear door allows for visual management of contents


Lockout Devices

ABUS offers a number of lockout devices and safety hasps for switches, power outlets, valves, compressed air connections, and many more. Special additions to our program are the unique and user-friendly cable lockouts and group lockout boxes. Lockout devices are the very basic component for an effective Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) program. They are best used in conjunction with our high-quality safety padlocks. ...
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