Multipolar Circuit Breaker Lockout

  • High-quality materials: long-lasting, robust and non-conductive
  • Easy-to-use with screwing mechanism for secure fixation
  • Holds up to 2 padlocks

Multipolar Circuit Breaker Lockout

This lockout device is used to keep multi-pole circuit breakers turned off during maintenance work. To do this, the lockout device is clamped into the open space under the bridge over the switches; then the adjustment wheel grips the device and therefore blocks the switch off.The non-conductive circuit breaker lockout can be used to lock out multi-pole circuit breakers. Up to two padlocks can be attached simultaneously.


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color: red
Locking Points: 2
Shackle Diameter: 9/32
Length: 2 11/64
Width: 1 17/64
Depth: 1 7/32
Max. Thickness of Bond Bridge: 23/64

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