Lockout Hasp Plastic

  • High-quality nylon: long-lasting, light and non-conductive
  • Holds up to 6 padlocks

Lockout Hasp Plastic

To temporarily block access to switchboards, ABUS offers different varieties of lockout hasps. With these, main power switches and thus the energy sources can easily be locked out during maintenance or service work. This is an easy and effective way to avoid accidental restarting of the machine. Up to 6 padlocks can be attached to the non-conductive plastic safety hasp. If, for example, different work steps have to be carried out by different workers on a machine, they can each lock out the machine with their respective padlock. Only when maintenance is fully complete, the last worker takes off his or her padlock and releases the main switch.


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color: orange
Weight [lbs]: 0.06
Locking Points: 6
Shackle Diameter: 23/64
Length: 6 31/32
Width: 1 47/64
Depth: 15/32


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