Switch Lockout

  • High-grade polycarbonate: durable, robust and non-conductive
  • Easy to install using existing screws
  • Clear material so that you can easily see if switch is in on or off position
  • 2 separate parts, without any fragile hinges
  • For 1 safety padlock

Switch Lockout

The switch lockout can be used to block most standard wall switches. The device has a clear polycarbonate housing that is easily mounted on top of the switch using existing plate screws. To lock the switch out, just slide down the cover and put a padlock through the hole at the bottom of the housing. The device is clear so that workers can see which position the switch currently is in. The unique sliding mechanism uses no hinges which makes the switch lockout more robust and less likely to break accidentally.


  • -
Locking Points: 1
Shackle Diameter: 5/16
Length: 4 11/64
Width: 1 27/64
Depth: 29/32

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