How to start your safety lockout program

If you want to establish a proper machine maintenance safety program in your company, ABUS lockout kits are always a smart choice. In our starter kits, you will find all that is needed to lock out and tag different energy sources like valves, power plugs, or circuit breakers. The content of the kits can either be used specifically for single machines or working places, or it can become the basis of a much larger and comprehensive lockout program later on.

Custom Safety Kits

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Build a custom kit that is modified to meet your facility needs. ABUS Custom Kits allow you to select the devices and padlocks your facility requires to ensure your LOTO program operates smoothly. Whether you need one or more ABUS Custom Kits, you have the flexibility of ordering your personalized kit frequently or building additional kits contingent on your LOTO program. 

For information regarding custom safety kits, please call 800.352.ABUS.

Pre-Built Kits