LoTo Tags

Tags-On-A-Roll provide ease and convenience for safety tag storage.

LoTo Tags


Tags-On-A-Roll provide ease and convenience for safety tag storage.

Ready for use, the roll dispenser provides easy access to the tags. Available in a variety of tag designs and languages.


  • Portable box made of corrugated cardboard keeps tags clean and ready to use
  • Box features center hole for mounting
  • Tags made of water-resistant printable .010" polyester. 5 versions available in quantities of 100 or 250
  • Perforated for easy separation
  • Tags measure 6 1/4" x 3", with 3/8" hole (fasteners sold separately)
  • Durable 12” stainless steel wire ties available to quickly and economically attach tags as needed

Operation and use:

  • LoTo Tag to be used with a padlock
  • Prevent accidental or unexpected start-up or release of stored energy when working on equipment or machinery


  • TR510 100, 250 pcs.
  • TR520 100, 250 pcs.
  • TR530 100, 250 pcs.
  • TR540 100, 250 pcs.
  • TR550 100, 250 pcs.

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