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ABUS TOUCH™ 57 Just a touch - and the lock opens

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Lock and unlock your shed in the garden, the communal cellar or valuable objects with the convenient use of a fingerprint. Your complete keyless padlock solution for indoors and outdoors - now even more secure, even easier to operate and for up to 20 people.

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360° finger recognition
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The ABUS Touch™ 57 makes your life a little easier and safer. Finally, you don’t have to remember any number combinations and misplaced keys are a thing of the past.

Withstands any weather: The ABUS Touch™ © ABUS

Quickly take out the rubbish before the rubbish collection comes. You head down the stairs, open the door. It’s drizzling. Great. Keep your head down and hurry to the shed with the bins. Suddenly you realize, the key to the shed is still in the hall cupboard! So you go back again and walk through the rain a second time.

With the weatherproof, fingerprint-unlockable ABUS Touch™ 57 padlock, you have the ability to spare yourself such stressful situations. Because it provides the keyless, secure and convenient solution for opening: Just touch - just a touch, and the lock opens.

Your advantages 

    The padlock can be opened with one hand. It requires neither key nor opening code. The 360°-capable sensor identifies up to 20 registered fingerprints from any position - no matter how they are placed. It takes almost no time to register fingerprints. As one of two administrators, simply place your own, already registered finger on the fingerprint sensor for three seconds and the "register" mode will be activated. It takes ten seconds to activate “delete” mode, so it’s almost impossible to accidentally delete fingerprints.
    No rust, no penetration of dirt and water: Its IP 66 and IP 68 rating means that the ABUS Touch™ 57 can be used outdoors just as easily as indoors. It is protected against both the ingress of dust and foreign matter as well as heavy splashing water, such as from a garden hose or heavy rain. Another advantage: The lock can also fall into water without moisture penetrating.
    You can rely on our security standards, our experience and our proven quality: ABUS has been the expert in padlocks for almost a century. The ABUS Touch™ 57 is made of high-quality material. With its shackle made of specially hardened steel, zinc body and double ball lock, it is thus one of the most secure fingerprint padlocks on the market today. Another security aspect: Thanks to the fingerprint scanner and its encrypted memory, unauthorised persons are prevented from spying on an opening code or stealing a key.
    Whether it’s for a cellar door shared with a bunch of neighbours, to use on a construction site, access to your locker in the office or a bike shed, the keyless ABUS Touch™ 57 is suitable for countless applications. With it, you’ll never again be in danger of losing one of the keys or forgetting the opening code and having to replace the padlock. The 360° fingerprint sensor is ideal especially for children to whom you don't want to give a key for the communal cellar or the locker at the sports club. The fingerprint lock is also suitable for use in the gym, where a key would only get in the way during exercise.
    The lock is powered by a standard CR2 battery. Thanks to an efficient energy concept, up to 10,000 unlockings are possible with one battery. Extreme external influences, such as heavy rain or extreme cold, can shorten battery life. If the voltage is low, the lock will emit an SOS warning. This does not impact security. Changing the battery is a snap, and can be done by removing the screw on the bottom. The stored fingerprints will be retained. Good to know: It is not possible to unlock the product when changing the battery.

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Two sizes, one goal: convenient security.

Our fingerprint lock is available in two different shackle lengths: 57/45 and 57/50. The smaller version with a 6.5 mm thick shackle is suitable for locking lockers or dustbins, for example. In the case of a cellar shackle, the larger lock with an 8 mm thick shackle will fit in most cases. 

ABUS Touch™ 57: Red Dot Award Winner
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The first two fingerprints that are registered in the ABUS Touch™ 57 are those of the administrator, one fingerprint each for the first and second administrator.


  1. For the first fingerprint of the first admin, press and hold the sensor for three seconds until a beep sounds. The LEDs will light up blue.
  2. Then place your finger in different flat positions and hold it in place until a long signal tone sounds. The LEDs will flash green.
Start-Up & Register Admin 1


  1. To register the second administrator's finger, the first admin presses and holds the sensor for three seconds. If their finger is successfully recognized, a signal tone will sound. The lock will open.
  2. Press and hold the sensor again until you hear a beep. The LEDs will light up blue. The first admin touches the lock with their finger to confirm.
  3. Now the second admin should place their finger in different, flat positions and hold until a long signal tone sounds. The LEDs will flash green
Video tutorial: Teach 2nd admin fingerprint


  1. An admin holds the sensor down for three seconds. Their finger must first be successfully recognized again: This is indicated by a signal tone. The lock will open.
  2. Press and hold the sensor again until the beep sounds. The LEDs will light up blue. The admin touches the lock with their finger to confirm.
  3. Now place the new finger to be registered in different, flat positions and hold it in place until a long signal tone sounds. The LEDs will flash green.
Video tutorial: Set up additional users

Important: Individual fingerprints cannot be deleted. During a deletion process, all stored fingerprints will be removed. The padlock is then reset to the factory setting.


  1. To enter delete mode, an admin presses and holds the sensor for ten seconds. If their finger is recognized, the lock acknowledges this with a signal tone.
  2. Press and hold the sensor until you hear a beep again. The LEDs will light up red. To confirm the deletion, the admin touches the lock with a registered finger.
  3. A long beep and a green LED light signal that all fingerprints have been deleted. The padlock is reset to the factory setting.
Video tutorial: Reset to factory settings

In advance: all types of fingerprints can be registered - from any finger, young or old. For very large fingers, the print should be scanned over as large an area as possible in order to save all areas.

When registering, both the finger and the sensor must be clean, because only an accurately registered finger is like a good key.

It makes sense to save two different people as administrators and to register several fingers per person. This means that the lock can still be opened safely even if one finger is injured.

  1. Place the finger loosely on the sensor again and change its position if necessary.
  2. Check that both the sensor and the finger are clean and dry.
  3. Is it the right finger? It is possible that the wrong finger was applied.
  4. If fingers are frequently not recognised because the prints have changed (for example, due to disinfectants, burns or the like), the padlock can be reset to the factory setting. Re-register the fingers to do this.

The padlock emits an SOS signal to signify when the battery is low. A beep sounds and the LEDs flash red. After about ten SOS warnings, the lock can no longer be locked after the last opening. This prevents the user from locking themselves out.


  1. Unscrew the battery compartment at the bottom of the padlock and remove the standard CR2 battery. Fingerprints will remain stored during this process.
  2. Insert a new CR2 battery and close the battery compartment. The lock will work perfectly again for up to 10,000 more openings.

DaThe padlock is assigned to protection classes IP 66 and IP 68 and is thus protected against dust and water. It is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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