A Secure Home Creates a Feeling of Comfort and Safety

ABUS develops innovative solutions for you in order to ensure the security of your home from basement to roof. Our product range includes alarm and video surveillance systems, smoke detectors and additional window and door locks. Unique and only from ABUS: mechatronics – solutions that integrate mechanical parts and electronics in one system.

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Access control

Thanks to electronic locking systems, key worries are a thing of the past. They offer control, security and an overview of access to your home – all with minimal effort. Even ...


Alarm systems

Thanks to intelligent software and hardware, alarm systems from ABUS are the ideal security manager for commercial and private use – whether for intrusion, fire, or other hazards. ...


Door security

To protect your door and this way your home and family against burglary you should invest in the security of your door. With an additional door lock and the basic elements you increase your ...


Fire protection

Too many people lose their lives each year in fires. Fortunately the number of victims has fallen in recent years – thanks preventive fire protections such as smoke detectors and fire ...


Junior Care

Having your own child isn't just an exciting and happy time for you. For the little ones it's their chance to start discovering the world Babies and toddlers experience new and exciting ...


Locking systems

Since more than 60 years specialists of the company develop and manufacture high quality key systems. Due to a high level of vertical integration, the individual production steps can be ...



The requirements of a padlock vary depending on the application. ABUS padlocks such as the Granit™ range can even be used for applications where they are exposed to up to 10 tonnes of ...


Personal security

Feeling protected, transporting bags and larger objects securely, finding your way in the dark: all of these go a long way towards taking the stress out of everyday life. It makes sense to ...


Video surveillance

Video surveillance from ABUS enables fast localization of threats and protects persons and material assets. If worst comes to worst, detailed recordings help answer questions. A broad range ...


Window security

Did you know that windows and patio doors are the primary means of access for burglars? A tilted window is so to speak an open window. Burglars easily pry titled windows with a ...


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